Artistic Career

Member of the Salon d'Automne
Member of the TAYLOR Foundation
Vice-President of the Europe of the Arts Association
Membre A.I.A.M. (Amitiés Internationales André Malraux)

Daniel Convenant was born July 26, 1945 in Paris
Very young, he is attracted to drawing and painting. During his studies, he took painting classes in Montparnasse.
He graduated from a carpentry school of Art (Boulle). A graduate of Fine Arts in Versailles.

Creates its engineering exhibition stands design studies in 1980 until 1993 and with 6 employees.

1993 - He was struck by a A.V.C. (Stroke) that leaves the hemiplegic for several months. His office is sold.

It's time to rebuild and he decided to devote himself entirely to painting. This is the "tree" that draws its strength ..

1997 - He organized his first solo exhibition in Guyancourt with 60 paintings.

1998 - "the image of a silent dream" 136 x 97, won an award at the Arts Club of Paris and received the Gold Medal.
It tackles large formats. ( "Memory of a fragrance" 130x162) in memory of his wife. This canvas will be sold immediately. His palette also changes and cleared and painted in acrylic and obtains the same effects as oil.

2000- Following the death of his wife, he began a series "Portraits of souls." But its production becomes lower. It will last four years.

2008 - He moved to Pont Aven until 2013 in a workshop / gallery. There he met other artists and became friends with Carmelo of the Pinta, Bernard Jung and Claude Rousseaux who will die on November 14.

2008 - Always to challenge himself, he stands out from figuration by adopting totally "bitumen" and his painting becomes more abstract and mystical.

EXHIBITIONS & TRADE FAIRS in France and abroad

Versailles - Arts Club of Paris - Le Puy en Velay Salon - Viroflay- Salon des Artistes French -
Nancy - Vittel - Lamballe - Lyon - Perpignan - Amiens - Dijon - Thonon les Bains - Art Capital - Salon Peinture à l'Eau -
Aix en Provence -Salon Independents - Chambery - Nîmes - Evian - Bordeaux - Salon Guyancourt - Salon d'Automne of Paris - Arami

Germany - Canada - China - Belgium - Miami - Canton - England - New York - Osaka - Tokyo - Chypre - Saint Petersbourg


1998. Gold medal at the lounge of the Circle of Art - Paris
. 3rd Prize for Painting at the lounge Puy en Velay
. Bronze Medal at the show in Moncton (Canada)
1999. Vermeil medal at the salon Lutèce - Paris
. Price BOSO TATSUYA HIRATA meeting Literary & Artistic - Paris
. Medal of the General Council of the Oise
2000. Gold Medal of the Federation of French Culture - Versailles
2001. Gold Medal at the show - Nancy
. Gold Medal at the show - Vittel
2002. Grand Prestige Award at the show Art Inter - Lyon
. Creators prices - Dijon
.price Hors Concours - Chambéry
2003. Price Hors Concours & Bronze Medal - Versailles
. Honorary Award - Fontenay le Fleury
2004 . Luxury Grand Prix - Lyon
2005. Creators Grand Prize - Evian
2006. Creators Today (standout) - Lyon
2007. 1st Prize Acrylic Painting - Dijon
2008. Honorary Chairman lounge Inter-Arts - Lyon
2010. 3rd Prize for Painting at the lounge Puy en Velay
2016 .1st Prize "Painting Abstraite" Espace Peugeot - Paris
2017 . Medal of the deputy of the Salon de Croissy
. Special mention of the Jury of the Rambouillet Biennale
. Public Prize of the Biennale of Painting - Voisins of Bretonneux
. Prize of the City of Versailles of the SVAIF exhibition (acquisition of a work)

Quotation: Artprice and I.ICAC