Artistic Concept

His approach

It is from 2008, his painting becomes more abstract and goes to the essential. His creative energy goes through the "bitumen", bringing out traces deeply buried in him. His work leading to a vision of a horizon always pushed back as Jean-Louis AVRIL says.

"I'm always looking for myself.
Inspired by nature where I draw creative energy, renewing myself constantly, I let my instinct and my spontaneity guide me. The brush, extension of my hand, becomes the breath of life. My first gesture is always a discovery, a surprise".

One has the impression that his paintings reveal a music, a rhythm induced by the black and hot color of the bitumen and its multiple nuances. He paints playing with the full and the empty as in search of a balance, an inner peace and a perpetual questioning on himself.
The energy spent in his paintings is the translation of a strong emotion.
But as he says, "every painting represents only one moment of my life, in which I put my soul."

"My course of action is like the skyline moving away at the same speed as my understanding of life. "

daniel convenant painter