Artistic Concept

His approach

"My course of action is like the horizon that unfolds at the same speed as my understanding of life. "

Daniel Convenant was born July 26, 1945 has always drawn and painted, and, devoted entirely to painting since 1993.
The artist is constanlty questioning himself but always in the same direction of the search for his inner self. This reveals his acute and very personal freedom that became vital to him after the C.V.A. His work is made of several facets, several styles.

It is after 2008 that he abandons figuration for the pursuit of the essential. His painting becomes more abstract. His creative energy goes through "bitumen" looking for deep traces,embedded in him and leads to the vision of a horizon, as Jean-Louis AVRIL says "always further repulsed".
The malleability of his medium helps him to speed up the creation process, something that the artist needs greatly. He paints after a period of meditation more or less long. From then on his painting is born and his first gesture is every time a surprise, a discovery. One has the impression that he paints while playing with the full and the emptiness as in search of a balance, an inner peace and a perpetual questioning of himself.

The energy liberated form his gesture reveals a strong emotion.

daniel convenant painter