Artistic Concept

My approach

Always I painted and draw inspired by nature and it is since 1993, date of my first A.V.C. that I devote myself entirely to painting. It is from 2008 that I detach from the figurative discovering the bitumen and its speed of execution, for painter time spent, the current time towards a future always pushed back.

What other medium to talk about time? Telluric energy, the force of the cycles of life and of the path traveled, its multiple nuances that transform into movements that are both light and fluid, impetuous and devastating. The warmth it radiates, its depth makes me go from harmony to explosion, from fragility to power, from sweetness to violence and appeasement when my free gesture becomes the translation of an emotion strong.
My vision of the boundary between darkness and clarity, the duality of this equilibrium, guides me to the energy of an unknown universe that I feel I need.

My brush, the extension of my hand, becomes the breath of life, of passing time, which is no more. The fear of emptiness disappears. From shadow comes light and what is created already no longer belongs to me.

daniel convenant painter