Artistic Concept

It was in 1993, following an A.V.C. That I dedicate myself entirely to painting. It allowed me, during all these years, to exploit the tree, its bark, its knots, to make my reconstruction and my introspection.

And since 2008, I have detached myself from figuration to go to the basics and ask questions about the notion of time and paint since with bitumen.

Over time, my painting becomes more abstract, even to shock some: how many times have I not heard "bitumen, what is it? ".
I was fascinated by its depth, its black and warm color. Its ductile qualities allow me to decline it to infinity, and, its malleability to gain in speed of execution of which I have a great need.

I work after a period of meditation, more or less long. My line of conduct is like the line the horizon that moves away at the same speed as my understanding of life, things. Always in search, perhaps, towards an impossible. I know that great wealth is not the goal, which is already part of the past, but the path that leads to this goal.

The first gesture on my white canvas is always a surprise, a discovery, and becomes the liberating act. "Mastering the doubt". Then I am body with the canvas and its whole being accompanies me in the energy of my gesture which becomes the translation of a felt emotion.

daniel convenant painter